in'CRM Insurance


VALOORES’ In’CRM Insurance Solution addresses the distribution needs in the Insurance industry. We provide partner profiling features that are capable of capturing all information in a common environment. Our solution equips channel managers with the ability to perform joint business planning and marketing campaigns as well as analysis of partner performance, thus allowing a carrier to understand its channel better and increase sales and profits across channels. Our solution provides a continuous process for agents to track referrals and leads. Starting with the contact profile, agents are able to view all referrals made by a particular client. As agents log each referral, new leads are created instantaneously, which ensures that referrals do not get lost, thus improving follow-up rates and referral effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Referral Management
    • Automatic lead creation
    • Ability to view all referrals made by a particular client
  • Household Management
    • Single household view
    • Household, financial, and investment risk profile tracking
  • Portfolio Tracking
    • Consolidated book of business tracking
    • Portfolio hierarchy
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
    • Easy lead creation, assignment and qualification
    • Lead and opportunity revenue tracking
  • Contact Management
    • Single view of client book of business
    • Financial and investment risk profiles

Key Benefits

  • Increase the visibility across your channels and improve channel revenue
  • Increase cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Allows for great improvement in customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • Improves the agent’s effectiveness in addition to their retention
  • Improve your overall business closing ratio
  • Decrease your overall expenses and costs
  • Improve your Return On Investment