in'Data Exchange


VALOORES’ in’Data Exchange revolutionizes data distribution in the insurance industry. With in’Data Exchange, real-time data is securely exchanged among carriers, producers, and third party service providers through a single touch point, therefore improving the ease of doing business and enabling straight-through processing. VALOORES in’Data Exchange is one of the largest data exchange services for life and non-life insurance companies worldwide and uses a robust network of carriers, producers and service providers.

Key Features

  • Supports automation of back-office processes to avoid costly and time-consuming data re-entry in multiple systems and reduce errors
  • Provides easy access for producers via online insurance portal
  • Enables routing of pending case status and commission statements
  • Provides support for direct data connections
  • Enables integration with various agency management systems

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and interactively create and assemble compliant documents in structured, interactive and on-demand formats for delivery
  • Empower business users to create and customize content faster and minimize reliance on IT
  • Service customers globally with our integrated in’Multi-language solution
  • Shorten future document preparation by reusing electronically captured and stored data
  • Reduce delays and processing time through automating routing and workflow
  • Speed up service and ease doing business for agents