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What we offer?

At Valoores - in'Via, we are dedicated to offering BI and Data Governance solutions to allow the key stakeholders of your organization to effectively and efficiently monitor budgets and company goals. Our versatile and flexible solutions can be implemented and tailored for your organization’s needs.

We all know the decisions we make are only as good as the information we use to support them. Our BI solutions give the decision makers in your company the confidence they need to make the right decision when they use our intuitive and easy to use reporting tools, supported by our robust and integrity-driven MDM solutions, which leverage trustworthy data and transform them into readable and meaningful information. Our objective is to mobilize your employees with the right decision-making support tools that will positively impact the growth and stability of your organization.

What we do?

Efforts, from our R&D teams located around the world, continue daily to strive to expand our knowledge in the retail market, and continuously improve our products. Our deep understanding of the daily operations within retail organizations, and their ever-changing needs and demands, led us to evolve several solutions within different operational areas. Subsequently, our BI and Reporting solutions make it possible for our clients to improve profitability, reduce administrative and IT costs, and give insight to potential risks that may threaten the stability or performance of the organization. With our expert BI solutions, the key stakeholders in your organization can:

  • Explore and analyze data gathered from different systems and repositories
  • Share KPI’s instantly, by publishing them using our interactive dashboards and intuitive reports
  • Extend analysis capabilities to more users in your enterprise so they can make faster and more effective decisions that drive superior performance