in'Document Manager


Policies – endorsements – renewals - Claims correspondence - marketing campaigns – bills - statements. As an insurer, these communications are critical to your business. With VALOORES in’Document Manager, you can manage all of them with a single powerful solution. in’Document Manager enables insurers to dynamically create, manage, publish and deliver adaptive enterprise content throughout the insurance business lifecycle.

Key Features

  • In’Document Manager dashboards, analytics, reporting and administrative console improves visibility and control of document production
  • Rules-based configurability, content library and embedded workflow accelerate collaboration when creating correspondence
  • Powerful recipient handling enables one-to-one and one-to-many delivery options
  • Conversion tools allow ease of migration from legacy systems, while helping preserve data and documents

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and interactively create and assemble compliant documents in structured, interactive and on-demand formats for delivery
  • Empower business users to create and customize content faster and minimize reliance on IT
  • Service customers globally with our integrated in’Multi-language solution
  • Shorten future document preparation by reusing electronically captured and stored data
  • Reduce delays and processing time through automating routing and workflow
  • Speed up service and ease doing business for agents