in'GRC Insurance


One of the biggest bottlenecks in getting new insurance products to market is the process of preparing and submitting filings to regulatory bodies. The longer it takes to prepare and receive approval on a new product, the more revenue opportunities are lost. VALOORES In’GRC Insurance speeds up the creation of regulatory filings and enables significant cost savings. Preparing and submitting a filing to regulatory bodies has traditionally been a slow, cumbersome process, relying heavily on paper, file folders, and manuals filled with regulations.

Key Features

  • Provides end-to-end automation of state filings
  • Electronically submits documents directly to Department of Insurance via seamless integration with SERFF
  • Includes up-to-date filing requirements
  • Manages filings in a central repository
  • Seamless market conduct process

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency and decreased time-to-market
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Increased product integrity
  • Streamlined market conduct audits of state filings
  • Increased product integrity, through a wide range of immediate, accurate management reports and status updates