The ongoing regulatory changes that occurred to organizations all over the world due to the economic crisis, have caused them to stop being sufficiently effective regarding competition.

In order to be able to survive in such a challenging environemnt, companies will have to comply with these regulations whilst staying cost effective and provide the market with competitive products.

This is where our application plays a significant role, in organizing and optimizing each and every detail of the marketing campaign, from the financial aspect to resource allocation and objective alignment. in’Campaign helps your company achieve several goals that are vital for the success of any marketing plan set in motion.


  • Setting the time frame of the marketing campaigns
  • Selecting the key actors and elements of the campaign such as products and target customers
  • Setting objectives from both financial and volume side to have a clear idea on what to expect out of this campaign and how to reach the goal
  • Close monitoring of the campaign’s progress with the option to edit and alter any element in order to face a certain recessive activity.
  • Allocating tasks to individuals or departments with the ability to track the progress of each task, ensuring all deadlines are respected
  • Creating promotional offers where several commercial combinations can be created thus improving the campaign results through attracting customers to specific products.
  • Comparing actual plans to past plans to ensure the best results.


  • High promotional costs
  • Lack of a consolidated view of all planned events
  • Difficult communication process across all platforms
  • Lack of compliance with retro planning deadline and need to re-work
  • Not taking full advantage of vendor collaboration
  • Arising price conflicts

VALOORES in’Campaign

“Linking the dots to create the full picture”

No matter how good is your service or product, it has to be backed by a solid marketing campaign, to reach its full potential. With our in’campaign we ensure that each and every marketing campaign is well organized,built and launched in order to achieve the best result possible.