in'Data Foundation


The basis of the VALOORES in'Insurance in’Data Foundation is the data model. Unlike other industry data model offerings, VALOORES’ data model is physicalized, pre-built, and readily deployable. The data model provides a comprehensive set of entities and attributes that can capture data from multiple source systems and business processes (such as policy, finance, claims and actuarial systems) across insurance, including Life, Non-Life, Health and Re-Insurance. The VALOORES in'Insurance solution allows insurers to capture data at the most granular event level covering both financial and non-financial events, and also provides detailed definitions for a comprehensive set of asset instruments. Additionally, it has detailed structures for policies, actuarial information, economic scenarios and reference data related to product, organization and chart of accounts.

Key Features

  • Physicalized, proven, unified and comprehensive data model ready for timely deployment
  • Includes pre-built data quality checks contextualized to end use
  • Combines results from multiple business areas to easily and securely support cross-functional analytics throughout the enterprise
  • Specialized Finance & Risk marts to drive line of business control and performance
  • Key management reports and dashboards that provide actionable information to executives

Key Benefits

  • Reduce implementation times with readily deployable solution
  • Extend advanced analytics with unprecedented ease
  • Simplify ETL and achieve the shortest possible load times
  • Provide the fastest possible query performance across all business domains
  • Eliminate inconsistencies across ledgers, books and marts for confident and auditable reporting
  • Track audit trails consistently and transparently across all analytical domains