VALOORES in'Via helps uncover analytics insight across your business. It provides a single point of entry to all the information stored within your systems. As a result, users can quickly search and access the data reports and information that they need to make better-informed decisions.

VALOORES in'Via enables users to use dashboards to monitor key performance indicators that convey how well an organization is performing. Dashboards can include graphics, text, colors, and hyperlinks. Dashboards are created, maintained, and viewed through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. All content is displayed in a role-based, secure, customizable, and extensible environment.

If you have multiple databases, data saved in external applications or an indefinite number of spreadsheets, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you to combine and understand all your data.
We’ve made data integration easy. It will take you minutes instead of months to get set up with VALOORES. Having secure access to dispersed data combined in one location is simple and just a few clicks away.

Flexible, Intuitive, Sophisticated BI Portal for Every Business User

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Build Business Indicators

Collect information from multiple data sources (files, feeds, databases, applications) in different platforms (Oracle MySQL, Sales Force, CRM) to retrieve and calculation actionable business indicators using filtered values, formulas or aggregated data.

Design dashboard elements using logical or functional process.

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KPI Real-Time Execution

Secure connection and login to the different dashboard modules

Collaborate real time to perform visual analysis and reporting using adaptive web interface (browser, table, smart phone)

Automated conditional processing and execution based on threshold values.

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Embedded Analytics

VALOORES’ embedded Analytics engine evaluates historical trend, seasonality, cycles, elasticity, confidence intervals, outliers and other environment variables, to produce forecast and accentuate decision making strategies and conflicts’ resolution, Based on forecast-aware BI

VALOORES in'Via helps organizations respond faster,
adapt to new business realities, and empower everyone with data.

No matter where your data is stored, you can connect it to
VALOORES in'Via within minutes.
Start analyzing, visualizing and validating your assumptions from day one.

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Connect all of your corporate systems and work with all your reports, visualizations and documents, in a single user-experience

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Quickly deploy visually and stunning game boards that align to corporate branding for internal and external users

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Understand business content challenges and improve how decision-makers get answers to their business questions

Data. Dashboard. Action!

It's a totally new Analytics experience…
With VALOORES in'Via you can easily create highly customized dashboards to suit your specific needs.
Imagine, everything you need to understand what’s behind trends and changes in your data, all within your dashboard.

  • Key Benefits
    • Consolidate key information assets across the entire organization in a single convenient and digestible place.
    • Give your users and customers business immediate access to relevant information.
    • Make better-informed decisions with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.
    • KPI analytics and performance management tools that are easy enough for every business user
    • Personalized Alerts Managed by Exception
    • Define, manage and access key Business information, metrics and KPIs in one place
    • Build personalized and interactive dashboards that drive insight to action
    • Enable self-service ad hoc analysis of business data
  • Key Features
    • Intuitive and interactive interface
    • Ease of Use: Valoores in'Via is easy to use and navigate, often including familiar drag and drop functionality.
    • Security: Once logged in, a user will find specific information related to the user’s job description and responsibilities.
    • Data Transformation: The data displayed is timely, reliable, and accurate. Users can then transform this data into useful and meaningful reports and favorite those reports to use again.
    • Compliance with Standards: Valoores in'Via adheres to government and company standards and policies. This can include privacy regulations.
    • The alerting feature makes it easy for business users to monitor key performance areas and to be proactively notified of conditions that require follow-up.
    • Data can be viewed in multiple ways without rebuilding the indicator or dashboard.