Lines of Business

VALOORES offers a wide array of solutions capable of tackling the financial and operational obstacles encountered day to day by insurance companies worldwide. Our solutions cater to the many lines of business present in the insurance industry today. VALOORES in'Insurance solutions also tackle sub-lines of business and help manage your business needs such as business intelligence which is shifted from a luxury to a need. VALOORES’ in’Via puzzles out Governance, Compliance, Profitability and Financial drawbacks and pains under one Dynamic, Friendly and Multi-device Dashboard as well as a state-of-the-art business rules engine which offers flexibility and reliability. Our VALOORES in'Insurance solutions cater to all insurance business needs, whether Life or Non-Life.

VALOORES’ best-of-breed Insurance solutions provide full coverage of all insurance related activities and needs:

in’Claims Management

Provides a uniform way to process claims in all lines of insurance business and supports the entire claim settlement process.

in’Policy Administration

in’Policy Administration for Life and Annuity is a highly-flexible, rules-based policy administration solution that supports policy issue, billing, collections, policy processing, and claims in a single system.

in’Data Foundation

Unlike other industry data model offerings, VALOORES’ data model is physicalized, pre-built, and readily deployable. The data model provides a comprehensive set of entities and attributes that can capture data from multiple source systems and business processes (such as policy, finance, claims and actuarial systems) across insurance, including Life, Non-Life, Health and Re-Insurance.

in’Revenue Management

Built-in business process management tools provide the reliability necessary to ensure precision billing. Managing receivables with brokers and agents is critical for an insurer’s success in maintaining good relationships and improving service to producers.

in’Calculation Engine

VICE is a rules-based product configuration tool that enables carriers to achieve agile business practices without the need to acquire a full policy administration solution. VICE helps carriers to externalize rules and calculations across multiple administration systems and provides business users with a centralized place for defining those rules.

in’Enterprise Rating

With VALOORES in'Insurance In’Enterprise Rating—the adaptive, centralized rating solution for product management and premium calculation — you can quickly react to market changes and effectively manage the policy lifecycle. With VALOORES in'Insurance In’Enterprise Rating, you can augment your legacy systems and centralize rating to a single system.


In’CRM Insurance Solution addresses the distribution needs in the Insurance industry. We provide partner profiling features that are capable of capturing all information in a common environment. Our solution equips channel managers with the ability to perform joint business planning and marketing campaigns as well as analysis of partner performance, thus allowing a carrier to understand its channel better and increase sales and profits across channels.


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