“A Smart Solution you can depend on… A Value you can afford”

The Cards business is undergoing rapid changes across the world, as it has been radically growing for the previous few years, and the percentage share of cards in the mix of non-cash payments has been consistently emerging.
The card industry is characterized by high volumes of transactions; unsecured advancing, default patterns and credit limit variations.

The significant market trends driving the expansion of Cards business are:

  • Acquiring and retaining today’s demanding and evolving customer’s expectations
  • Increasing market share and the share of wallet
  • Improve profitability
  • Avoiding fraud
  • Remaining up to date with the most recent technologies

All customers request to have high service expectations, and to benefit from modern and mobile technology innovations, that are accessible to everybody.

Our in'Cards helps you originate deep insights into consumer behavior and card portfolios to manage acquisition of new card holder and analysis of plans and strategies for better relationship management.

Moreover, our solution fulfills issuers’, acquirers’ and business follow up, needs for flexibility, and covers all back-office functions for card management. It enables a fast time to market and promotes resource pooling as well as the creation of card management life cycle solution.
in'Cards uses technology that allows smooth interaction between the global actors, locally and internationally, by adapting itself to a host of different services.
With in'Cards' high-volume performance of up to 10 million transactions per hour, we provide the required robustness for innovative card management platforms. What’s more, our solution is designed for growth, and can handle a variety of networks, currencies and countries.

Eventually, it is a comprehensive solution that supports the entire payment value chain.

Why in'Cards

“in'Cards turns cardholder data into profit”

With our solution, Banks can increase market share more rapidly by encountering customer demands and needs for new facilities, while improving cross-selling and up-selling to drive loyalty and profitability. in'Cards solution has the capability to reflect just about any type of business-related card, from classic to gold to titanium; supporting you to align your products with consumer needs. It also reduces the extent of exposure to a risk and/or the likelihood of its occurrence and enables Banks to ensure regulatory compliance.

in'Cards focuses on the following areas:

  • Customer Acquisition Analysis: Acquisition Trend, Inactivity Rate…
  • Card Portfolio Analysis: Net Revenue, Spend Rate….
  • Delinquencies: Default Patterns, Late Payments….
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis: Customer Balance Movement, Over-limit Indicator…
  • Cross Sell and Loyalty: New Product suggestions, Reward by Card Type…
  • Sales Representatives Performance: Target Realization per Branch…

in'Cards includes the following added value components:

  • Graphical and customizable interface that displays your current business position and status in terms of sales performance, credit quality, revenues…

  • Alerts and signals as a pro-active approach, such as alert that immediately notifies you if certain incident occurred (threshold alert, approval rate per employee, ratio of cards rejection…)
  • Reports that allow you to access cardholder information (to monthly activation reports and profitability analysis reports…). Our reliable reports help you manage cardholders and your portfolio in order to achieve ultimate performance
  • KPIs and KRIs that help you understand how well you are performing in relation to your strategic goals and objectives including: Customer behavior patterns, Cards status, Spend trend (usage varieties…) and much more indicators that can be used for dashboards and business scorecards
  • Business processes creation and definition of their related tasks, alerts, risks and controls based off a rule business engine, that enable you to be compliant with external and internal regulations